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Personal Statement

From 'Detritus' to Iconography.

Chris Czainski is a professional multi-media artist, exhibiting nationally and internationally.
She has also created film, installations and performances as part of the husband and wife collaboration, known as “The Fabulous Czainskis”

These have included a “David Lynch’ performance at Middlesborough Museum of Modern Art, the installations, “The Fabulous Czainski’s House of Jars”, “ The Museum of Curiosity’ seen during Staithes Festival and two films shown at Staithes Festival.

Together with Paul Czainski they have designed and are curating ‘The smallest museum in the world’ in Warley.

Chris has been painting icons for about fifteen years as part of her general artistic practice using contemporary techniques but for the last five years she has been principally concentrating on the painting of traditional icons and has received training in the traditional techniques of icon painting, and is presently studying iconography which is a lifetime study.

She is now a full time iconographer


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