Artists cannot help but be creative and this is evident in all aspects of their life.  My creativity is expressed in my studio and in my garden and home. My work is varied but has a sort of continuity.  When I look back at my development as an artist I can see a path leading to iconography which is what I am concentrating on  now.
 A broken fragment of bone can become an icon, a jewel, a miniature landscape, or a sculpture. Some found objects may suggest shamanic or religious significance, they may resemble relics and  can provoke a spiritual response, and here I am now exploring spirituality in art through icons.





Click here to go straight to a mixed bag of paintings, sculptures, monoprints using a variety of techniques and materials

Click here to take a look at some of the work in interiors that Paul and I have done together

Click here to see some examples of my  icons that have been created in the traditional way using a gessoed board with gold leaf and hand made egg tempera paint

Something about my work

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