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April 2019
Things have changed a lot for me as I am now concentrating on my iconography, working on icons, studying iconography, it’s theology and history.
The next exhibition is at Blackburn Cathedral from May 1st until May 14th, 2019 „ By the Hand Of......Icons Traditional and Contemporary”
Contact me or check the Cathedral website for opening times etc. The exhibition is Open whenever the Cathedral is open.

 Another exciting project this year has been working collaboratively with Paul, painting on glass in a shop window in Staithes, a chocolate shop!!

 Earlier this year in January 2016 we completed another collaborative work for a private client, a canvas depicting The Vienna State Library!!!

Things to watch out for in 2016:
Two joint shows, Paul and I, one at Gabriel Fine Art, Lambeth, London, in November, and one at Water Street Gallery, Todmorden, in September.
The one in London, "Resurrection", is inspired by William Blake and we are so enjoying getting the work ready.
The one in Todmorden, 'A Studio Shared' will involve a kind of reconstruction of part of our studio as well as exhibited paintings etc.

We will both be exhibiting in the window of "The Last Tuesday Society", in Bethnal Green , London, this Summer, Victor Wynd's wonderful museum of curiosity and cocktail bar!  Here we are at the opening event.

I will also be exhibiting in a number of group shows including "One Foot Square' exhibition in Amsterdam at The Outsider Art Gallery at The Hermitage, August 2016. 
Here I am at the opening event, standing by my three 'Bound Barbie' paintings.

We had a very busy opening in Amsterdam, 250 people!!

I have been very remiss about updating this page!!! So much water has gone under the bridge as they say, so many exhibitions, a residency or two and lots coming up this year, 2016.

We had a very busy 2015 with numerous exhibitions and commissions and
both Paul  and I were delighted to have paintings in The Chelsea Flower
Show this year thanks to Gladwell Patterson.
It was also a great pleasure to have my Alternative Botanicals exhibited in Gladwell Patterson Gallery in Beauchamp Place London.

I exhibited with Gabriel Fine Art, Lambeth, London in their Garden show

One of the
highlights of the year was our residency in Shetland in June where we
had time to think and work unhampered by the daily grind.  During this
time we had an exhibition of Shetland works at Shetland Museum in
Lerwick and we are pleased to say that Scalloway Museum now have 2 of my
works and 2 of Paul's works in their permanent collection all based on
work done in Scalloway Castle.

An annual event is our very
exciting collaboration at Staithes Festival in September 2015 when we
turned our cottage into a 'House of Jars" complete with 'Dummy Board'
mermaid in a jar. One of my waxed pieces below.

Exhibitions 2014

September 2014, a solo show,  'Icons' at Bradford Cathedral.  This was such a treat, the Icons looked wonderful in this setting.

' Alice'  Oxford Museum

ALICE 3  at The Museum of Oxford
from Saturday June 7th, 2014...this is a group show on the theme of a contemporary Alice

Check out more about 'Alice 3.0' on its official site:

Brief info about some of  the artists taking on an image of artwork
representing each artist

NEXT...coming to Water Street Gallery, Todmorden....

Paul Czainski and I are both exhibiting in this group show...not to be missed.  Please come along and savour some of the delights.

Showing until September 2014

THEN  be prepared for more surprises at the Staithes Festival,13th and 14th September 2014.  As usual we will be exhibiting in Tudor Rose Cottage, Garth Ends.  Don't miss this, pop up galleries in 70+cottages, pop up cafes, buskers, films, talks and more

To come in 2014 :-
2 group shows in Oxford, curated by Melissa Westbrook of Neo-Outsiders,
'Alice 3.0, an Alternative Wonderland,' for three months from June 7th  and 'Mirror, Mirror'in April.

Also in September 2014 I am very proud to   have been offered a one
person show in Bradford Cathedral to exhibit my 'icons'

3rd Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand, October


Weare presently taking part in an Artist's Residency in Thailand, creating work for an exhibition in H Gallery, Mae Rim and H Gallery, Bangkok.

The residency is being held at Prem International Schooland has been organised by Katie Hawker of Surface Arts in collaboration with Prem.  We are also contributing to the curriculum at the school, holding workshops and visiting the studios of the art students to discuss their work and offer suggestions.

Paul in our studio at Prem

September 2013, Staithes Festival

For the weekend of the festival we transformed our cottage into a 'Museum of Curiosity'.  Throughout the weekend Paul and I  curated the museumand confounded our visitors.  We had well over a thousand visitors through our tiny house.

I kidnapped a baby angel specially for the show.

My  'Sacred Heart' and 'Trophy' and Paul's wonderful altered taxidermy

September 2013

West Bank Gallery, Notting Hill, London, 'The Routemasters Exhibition'

Paul and I both exhibited in this group show organised by Chutima Perdiktak, (Nok).  Part of the Circus Terminal tour.

I exhibited 'Metamorphosis' in both West Bank Gallery and Staithes Festival.

West Yorkshire

 A one person show in 'Dandelion and Burdock, vegetarian restaurant in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, for 3 months.  My 'Icons' will be on show there through May and June and into July.

 AMSTERDAMPaul and I both have work in the latest 'Uncooked Culture' show in Amsterdam at The Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery, from July 13th until August 19th, 2013.

I am exhibiting in a group show with Sue Kreitzman and others at Chiccis on Roman Road in the East end in June.

 Philadelphia in February, 2013 
for an exhibition and Artist's Residency with 'Clay on Main' in Oley, Philadelphia.  We will also be doing some workshops in schools with 14 - 16 year olds!  Should be fun.
When we return we will be working towards an exhibition in Amsterdam with Circus Terminal in July and our Pop up Museum in Staithes for the Staithes Festival, 13th to 15th September, 2013.
Have a look at the film of last year's festival which proved to be a great success. ( It was a pilot scheme but looks like it may become a regular occurrence.


 December 2012, 'Fire and Water' festival, Sowerby Bridge:  Paul and I made painted globes for the festival. Local artists and schools created 36 globes for rotating constructions to be shown at the festival.  They also appeared on the Huddersfield Light festival.  I made a baby and Paul made Van Gogh. (Have a look at his website for more information)   Paul Czainski

October 9th until Nov 4th


 'The Fabulous Czainskis' are in the news again!!

The 'Fabulous Czainskis' are opening their cottage at the  STAITHES ARTS

21st - 23rd September


 Click on the link below for more information, this looks like it is going to be a great event..a first for Staithes.  there will be art exhibitions in private homes throughout the village.  We will be exhibiting in our cottage, come along to see the works and have some fun.

Staithes Festival

July 2012, Working for clients in New Orleans, part of the job being recreating 'Livia's Room'

May 2012, Artist's Residency, at The Booth, Scalloway, Shetland

LATEST:-  'The Fabulous Czainskis' are part of Uncooked Culture Project,  'Circus Terminal', a (world!) tour, starting in Notting Hill, London, The Tabernacle, in April 2012, then Barcelona, beginning of July and  France in September, Mandalay, Myanmar in December.....and on into 2013.  This is a very exciting project.  There will be more info later but if you google 'Circus Terminal' you will get more info.

Now past!!!!

New works to be exhibited in a group exhibition at  Chicci's, Roman Road, East End, London, as part of Women's History Month, throughout March 2012...more details later
I will be part of a group exhibition at 'The Tabernacle' Notting Hill, London, April 9th until 15th , 2012.  Paul and I are probably doing a live performance at this venue...more details later.June 28th - July 10th,    part of a group exhibition, VisualImpaktes, Visuals, Urban Art, WorkShop&Art Gallery  c.St.Francesc,15 •08202 SabadellBarcelona(Spain) •T. (+34) 93726

Yet another joint CZAINSKI show in April 2012 at THE WENDY LEVY GALLERY in Didsbury,  Manchester.   "DOUBLE VISION", for 1 month.

February 2012

I am honoured to be having a joint show with Cendrine Rovini, an artist whose work has wonderful ethereal quality, at Duckett and Jeffery's,  a contemporary gallery in Malton near York. 
Invitation to a Launch Party - Fri 2nd March 7 - 9pm

An enchanting exhibition born out of a unique collaboration between Yorkshire based artist Chris Czainski and French based artist Cendrine Rovini. The exhibition will run from 29th Feb - 31st March 2012.

'L'esprit de deux.(The Spirit of Two)' Chris Czainski and Cendrine Rovini

Since its opening in March 2010 Duckett and Jeffreys has strived to bring exciting and challenging art into the region featuring art by international and national artists. In doing so it has been an aim to set a context in which regional artists can show and develop work. With this in mind a the collaboration between Chris Czainski and Cendrine Rovini grew.

Both artists have been sending art work back and forwards across the channel for one another to develop.

Collaboratively they state 'We are proud to be sharing a space between darkness and light. We bring our dark dreams into the sunlight through our images. This is the most precious thing we have as artists.'

Both artists exhibit widely. Cendrine's work is currently being exhibited in the Da-End gallery in Paris ans Chris has recently returned from Thailand where she too part in an international exhibition and collaborative project at Chiang Mai University.

'L'esprit de deux. (The Spirit of Two)' opens on the 29th Feb followed by a launch party on Fri 2nd March 7pm - 9pmwhen Chris will be in the gallery to chat and answer any questions about the collaboration. Cendrine sadly can't make it across the channel but will be making her statement in a short film to be shown at the launch.

L'esprit de deux' runs until the 31st March. Wed - Sat 11am - 4pm.

Duckett & Jeffreys

2 Old Maltongate, Malton,

North Yorkshire YO17 7EG

Mobile: 07854 741910

Tel: 01377 236008




Wednesday - Saturday

11am-4pm or by appointment



OCTOBER 6th    to   OCTOBER 28th    2011. 
I am very proud to be part of the following collaborative
project and exhibition.......
Chiang Mai University Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
a group show with international artists creating work from their own local raw materials.  Take a look at the website...

Uncooked Culture



I have been asked to join the Neo-Outsiders Movement, check out the website. 
It is an interesting new movement with some fascinating artists. Melissa Westbrook is the brains behind it.



You have  missed!!

 'Flashier and Trashier',

A group show, curated by Sue Kreitzman .  The themes of the show were kitsch, and working with recycled materials and found objects.

At The Crypt Gallery, an atmospheric space below St Pancras Church, Euston, London,